Amendment may eliminate Minnesota’s wolves

To the editor:

I am well aware of Minnesota’s proud tradition in hunting, but seek to draw a line on the hunting of the wolf.

Sadly, Sen. Amy Klobuchar has co-authored an amendment to remove the gray wolf from the Endangered Species List and make it impossible for the courts to even review this law. This is unacceptable. The wolf is a symbol to Minnesota — a symbol of the wild and beautiful. This proposal, currently under consideration in Washington, D.C., would essentially allow hunters to kill wolves for the thrill of it.

For a trophy.

We know very well what happens to wolves when federal protections are taken from them. They suffer immensely. Did you know that killing wolves actually increases livestock death because packs are broken up and smaller, younger packs are formed? The wolf plays a critical role in the health of our Minnesota ecosystem. We need wolves for our wetlands, and we need to speak up for them. We cannot let this happen. Please, I ask our federal and local politicians: leave the wolf alone. Live and let live.

Lori Nagel