‘Celtic Contemplative Worship’

To the editor:

The Advent United Methodist Church in Eagan has invited the public to a “Celtic Contemplative Worship service” to “reflect on the spring equinox.” While I understand the “Celtic” connection to the Northumbrian smallpiper that will be presenting, and the upcoming “St. Patrick’s Day” celebrations, it’s hard for me to understand the Methodist connection to the Druid “reflection” for the “spring equinox” in conjunction with their goals to promote Christianity. No wonder the world is confused.

Unless the Methodist Church has changed its goals and objectives, I’d recommend that they focus on their core mission of “The Way” to Jesus … and it’s not via Druid symbolism.

By the way, I am Irish. I love the Irish culture but I do not reflect on the “spring equinox” when worshiping.

Sharon Peterson