Congratulations to officer

To the editor:

Congratulations to Sgt. Yakovlev for being named Burnsville’s Officer of the Year.

When the news was released last June, it was good to hear that the grand jury found that deadly force was justified. Now we can only hope that the civil lawsuit goes nowhere as they only cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars every year and wears on an officer even more.

How is it that when someone is shot by the police they are always “a model citizen and were not doing anything wrong”? If you are not following the law, not listening to commands, high on drugs or drunk and threatening the police, you are not a “model citizen” and are asking for trouble. The police are not going to give you a hug when you are threatening their life.

Sgt. “Max” (we could not pronounce each other’s last name at first) was kind enough to take me on a ride-along after I attended the citizens academy in 2011. In just those few hours you could tell he was a normal guy who enjoyed his job protecting the city of Burnsville and just wanted to have a safe day at work.

I urge all men and women who think it is so easy to calm down certain situations or just “shoot to injure” to attend your local citizens academy program to get a glimpse of what the police go through on any given day. It will change the way you look at law enforcement forever.

Michael Bjorkstrand