Lewis has the right plan

To the editor:

After reading Dee Richards letter to the editor of March 3, I am convinced that U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis has a health insurance plan that will help all of us. I am happy to note that Lewis’ plan aims to reduce costs by eliminating unneeded mandates and the penalties associated with unaffordable compliance.

Even more appealing is permitting customers to use expanded tax credits to purchase insurance tailored to their needs and not dictated by Washington. It is also going to be a relief to have greater access to a wider array of plans and finally ending the individual taxes and penalties that dramatically raised our costs.

While there are many more reasons to rejoice with the much improved American Health Care Act, Richards should be quite happy that under the GOP plan women cannot be charged more than men. After reviewing the plan it appears that all reasonable consumers and taxpayers will be most impressed with Lewis’ plan.

Richard Iffert