Real ID needs to become law

To the editor:

I encourage residents of Senate District 58 to hold Sen. Matt Little accountable for his part in keeping “Real ID” from becoming law in Minnesota. Minnesota is one of only five that have not yet implemented the federal standard for driver’s licenses. As a result, starting February 2018 people will need to carry a passport in order to board a domestic flight.

This can easily be avoided. The Legislature has had several years to get this work done. Forty-five other states have already implemented the federal standard. But Minnesota has had a problem addressing a very basic and critical issue to ensure our travel securities and freedom.

The House recently passed a bill that would finally implement Real ID in Minnesota. But when the measure came before the Senate, the Democrats lined up lock-step with the governor in unanimously opposing Real ID. Their reason? They oppose a provision added to the bill by Republicans that would prohibit issuing these enhanced driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants.

Stop and think for a minute. The governor and Senate Democrats want to ensure that illegal immigrants – those who are residing here against the law – can obtain a secure form of government identification. Concerned citizens should be asking the Democrats to account for this – why do you want to ensure that illegal immigrants can obtain secure identification?

Even the reliably liberal Star Tribune newspaper stands against this insanity. The Sunday, March 12, editorial page notes that, “Those who choose to be here illegally ought to be encouraged to follow proper channels and obtain citizenship. Their place outside the law shouldn’t be accommodated with things like state-issued driver’s licenses.”

Residents can call or write Little to let him know their frustrations with his refusal to get Real ID passed. People can let him know that they disagree with his stance on giving secure identification to illegal immigrants. I encourage people to express their thoughts on why its wrong for him to deny proper ID to his constituents in order to walk lock-step with his Democrat colleagues. Let’s hold our senator accountable to those he represents.

Steve Rajavuori