Lakeville Launch Property to take off

Menasha Packaging to be first renter

Acreage formerly in Eureka Township but amicably annexed into Lakeville in 2006 has recently been approved for development.

Launch Park First Addition, located east of Cedar Avenue and Eureka Township’s Airlake Airport and just north of the Lakeville/Eureka border, will include two 46-acre lots within a 99-acre parent parcel.

The property’s first development is a 286,000-square-foot multi-tenant warehouse/office building that will be partially occupied by Menasha Packaging, an existing merchandise packaging manufacturer in Airlake Industrial Park.

Menasha is leasing 150,000 square feet of space to expand its Lakeville operation.

The project includes the partial construction of a new road, 222nd Street, east of Cedar Avenue, and will be a temporary cul-de-sac on the property’s east boundary where the building will be located. The road will eventually extend further east.

“This is an exciting period of time that we’ve had the opportunity to work on this project,” Lakeville Community and Economic Development Director Dave Olson told the Lakeville City Council at its April 3 meeting.

He said several concepts for the property have been proposed, and described this one as one of the better-quality proposals considered.

The building is proposed to use colored concrete exterior materials, allowed by special action of the city in anticipation of changing city ordinance to allow the material.

“It’s becoming a more common type of pre-cast building construction,” Olson said.

He said the material offers a wider variety of color options than the current tan or gray exposed aggregate material now allowed.