Lewis should remember

To the editor:

U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis was an invited guest of the Dakota County Regional Chamber of Commerce meeting at the Valleywood Golf course on Monday, April 10.  Twelve residents from our district, all of whom had been urging Lewis to hold a in-person town hall, were there to greet him. Among the concerns they wanted to hear from Lewis about was Russia’s interference with our election.  Since last August there has been an ongoing investigation by the CIA and the FBI about how Russia has interfered with our electoral process.  James Comey confirmed that the FBI is investigating possible coordination between the Donald Trump campaign and Russia’s attempts to influence the election.

Lewis’ response was, “No one in CD2 cares about Russia.”

I wish I had kept the letter Lewis sent me in response to my concerns about Russian interference. In summary, he told me he was not on the committee that was investigating this.  He said if this matter came to the full House he would keep my comments in mind. I guess they slipped his mind, since he failed to recall any interest from our district.

Nika Davies
Apple Valley