​The time is now for climate action

To the editor:

Thank you to the letter writer (We can do this, April 16) who brought the very serious problem of climate change to our attention. Many spiritual traditions say that we are one with all creation. If that’s true, our continued intentional use of dirty fossil fuels is an act of self-destruction on a mass scale. Not only are we destabilizing the climate all life depends on, we are also literally killing ourselves. The World Health Organization says that one-fourth of all human deaths are caused by pollution — mainly air pollution.

My first grandchild is due any day now and I feel tremendous worry for his future in a world struggling with the environmental, economic and spiritual devastation of climate change. There are solutions — such as Carbon Fee and Dividend — that will benefit the economy while we transition to clean energy. This Earth Day let’s all commit to a better future. Call or email your elected officials and demand action. The time is now.

Laurel Regan
Apple Valley