May all be well with you

To the editor:

As a person who visited, and loves, the people of Russia, I appreciate the interest a letter showed last week in the twists in the relationship our nation has seen with that great power over the last several months. Without addressing at once all the challenges our two powerful countries face, we can work together.

Understandably, the policies of our two governments may be more nationalistic now, dictated by self interest. Still, despite difficulties between us, we can compromise and collaborate for humanity. Without appeasing, we can still create breakthroughs from unlikely sources. Some folks thought it might be fun to have opponents like Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat talk about something as strange as peace in the Middle East. It might make an afternoon of unusual amusement, and who knows? Talk to a veteran of the Tet offensive about having a beach party someday near Hanoi. We’ve had crews together with other nations on space labs; we’ve shared technologies purposefully and explored new frontiers. Republicans and Democrats working with Independents and Greens?  Now with other nations we can solve some challenges that impact families, friends and neighbors on this once pristine blue planet. Ideas include reducing poverty, cleaning our air, developing safe alternative fuels, some popular, many growing, all likely to grow further with the cooperation we’ve seen possible in the changed relationships our country has seen with other former adversaries or competitors.

All continents are united by economic, business, artistic and social ties which let us as people grow toward a full potential. We learn from our mistakes to cooperate for organic development. Fsevo khoroshevo (see-VOH khuh-ROE-shuh-vuh; “May all be well with you”).

Paul Hoffinger