Lakeville residents charged in Bloomington murder case

Megan Christin Cater and Noah John Peterson of Lakeville.
Megan Christin Cater and Noah John Peterson of Lakeville.

Prosecutors: Planned drug robbery became murder

Two Lakeville residents are charged with multiple felonies in a Bloomington murder case police say started with a planned armed drug robbery.

Megan Christine Cater, 19, and Noah John Peterson, 20, are the first to be charged of six arrested in connection with the April 27 shooting death of Corey Preston Elder, 19, in his home at the Hampshire Hill Apartments in Bloomington.

More charges are expected against the others allegedly involved, possibly as soon as this afternoon.

Elder died of a single bullet shot that grazed his jugular vein, shattered his spine and fractured his skull, according to the Hennepin County Medical Examiner.

He also reportedly suffered blunt force trauma to his head and face,

According to Hennepin County criminal complaint:

Elder and an 18-year-old woman were home in their apartment at around 10:35 p.m. when Elder opened the door to find Cater and Briana Marie Martinson, 20, of Prior Lake who burst into the apartment, screaming and swearing.

Cater and Martinson were recognized by the woman as regular customers who purchased illegal drugs from Elder.

They were immediately followed by Tarrance Fontaine Murphy, 20, and Maurice Antonio Verser, 33, both of Minneapolis.

Elder was assaulted and pistol whipped while the women confronted the female victim in the bedroom, yelling and swearing at her as the ransacked the apartment searching for drugs.

The group, along with along with Alec Price Streit, 19, Noah John Peterson, 20, who were waiting in cars outside the building, had planned to “rough up” Elder, scare him and steal drugs.

Streit had also wanted to take back a gaming system he said Elder stole from him.

The six allegedly drove in two cars to the apartments and made a plan in the parking lot.

The group reportedly took Xanax, Gabapentin and cocain from the bedroom after pointing a gun at the woman’s head and telling her to remain still.

Elder resisted Verser and Murphy, and then Murphy dragged Elder into the bedroom, threw him on the bed next to the female victim and shot Elder into his neck.

The group fled the building and drove away while the female ran to a neighbor’s apartment and asked him to call 911.

Police have arrested the six suspects and all but Martinson waived their Miranda rights and admitted to participating in the crime.

The stolen drugs were recovered from Cater’s car. A 1917 Colt .45 caliber revolver allegedly used in the murder was also recovered.

Each of the suspects are charged with four felonies: second-degree murder with intent, not premeditated; second-degree murder without intent while committing a felony; first-degree assault person in build/on property and second-degree assault, dangerous weapon.