Car dealer, archery benefit from swap

Council endorses Dodge of Burnsville-archery range deal

Dodge of Burnsville will get a place to store cars and the city will get a new and improved archery range under a deal endorsed by the City Council May 9.

The new range will be on city-owned land off Zenith Avenue next to the Rudy Kraemer Nature Preserve south of Highway 13. The current range is next to the Dodge dealership at 12101 Highway 35W, east of the freeway.

The dealership sought the land for additional car storage. Under the deal, Dodge of Burnsville will pay $370,000 for the site and the city will build the Zenith Avenue site for $383,060. The dealership will cover the extra $13,060 for construction and possible mitigation of impacted wetlands at the Zenith site, which could reach $100,000.

The Zenith site would be built to the city’s current park standards, which exceed those of the current site, said Burnsville Economic Development Coordinator Skip Nienhaus. It would include 10 to 12 parking spaces and accommodate targets of up to 80 and possibly 100 yards, though identification of a wetland would prevent the longer distance. The current range offers 80 yards but could be expanded to include a 100-yard target, Nienhaus said.

With the Zenith site, the city would get a modernized archery range at no extra cost to taxpayers and Dodge of Burnsville could expand without relocating, according to the city.

“From a city standpoint, we’re swapping a piece of dirt for a nicer park,” Council Member Dan Kealey said.

The Zenith site is on 3.4 wooded acres next to the Kraemer preserve, Sue Fischer Memorial Park and a business and industrial area.

Nienhaus cautioned that if safety problems were to cause the site to be closed, the city has no other viable archery sites. Some public archery sites have problems with arrows straying onto neighboring property. Users are advised to shoot responsibly, only at the targets.