Cleaning up the Obamacare mess

To the editor:

I’m so frustrated with the political climate around health care in our country. When the Democrats had control of all three branches of the federal government they forced the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) on to Americans on a complete partisan vote. Now that Republicans have taken control of all three branches, it’s time to make improvements and fix huge problems with the plan.

Unfortunately, many people will just not admit that there are major problems with Obamacare and are now trying to scare people with predictions that are less than truthful. These people won’t even acknowledge that there are also problems with other government-run health care: Medicare, Medicaid and the VA health system. According to Michael Tanner of the CATO Institute one problem is that Medicaid patients are not accepted by almost one-third of primary-care physicians. Further, Tanner explains that “Medicare for All” is a flawed notion which ignores that, for instance, over their lifetimes a two-earner family will only pay $150,000 in taxes for Medicare but receive back approximately $450,000 in benefits from Medicare. How is that sustainable? (National Review, April 5, 2017) Do the math, it’s not working. Yet, many want to perpetuate these flaws or sweep them under the rug.

The biggest myth (or lie) being put forth regards “pre-existing” conditions which the House is protecting in their latest plan (plus an additional $8 billion premium subsidy). However, proponents (trying to save Obama’s legacy health care plan) are working very hard to scare people thus taking advantage of those suffering chronic and life-threatening illnesses, by claiming they will not get care. Not only do people think the U.S. has unlimited resources to pay for care but they ignore the very real fact of legal protections that have guaranteed care to anyone (for decades), as well as, all the charity care that is provided everyday by health care providers.

I am very appreciative of Rep. Jason Lewis, his expertise and persistence, to pass reforms that will improve our complex health care system. Please be patient and let our elected Congress members do their jobs.

Linda Stanton