Three questions for Lewis

To the editor:

I recognize that U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis has a difficult job representing the 2nd District. He won less than 50 percent of the votes last November running against two liberal opponents. Thus, his declaration to serve all constituents requires skilled navigation.

Unfortunately, Lewis has failed. He hides behind microphones with conservative media outlets — he is a regular guest on the Justice and Drew radio program and appeared on Fox News TV this past weekend. Of course, he has scheduled no town hall sessions or other venues to meet with a broad array of constituents.

The statement Lewis posted on his website “explaining” his support for AHCA is full of slogans and unproven assertions.

All his constituents deserve clear, direct answers from him. Let’s start with just three questions about the House Republican health care bill. How is it a good idea:

– To increase the cost of health insurance for persons 50-64 years old (90,000 in the 2nd District) by allowing companies to charge five times as much as younger customers? (P.S. Don’t repeat Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price’s comments that it’s market pricing ­— they just cost more.)

– To implement high risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions? I have found no evidence that this approach works well — high premiums, long waits, and caps are common. (P.S. Don’t repeat the claim that it’s “guaranteed issue and renewability” while people could be priced out or have poor coverage.)

– To support a bill for which the House held no hearings, provided no expert testimony, and couldn’t wait for scoring by the Congressional Budget Office or other group? (P.S. Will you repeat Rep. Paul Ryan’s statement that to do so is irresponsible?)

I look forward to hearing from my congressman.

Howard Schneider