Do your part for clean water

To the editor:

I want to let readers know about a recent event that was hosted by Conservation Minnesota called the Dakota County Water Forum: A Clean Water Strategy. It was a great opportunity to learn from local experts about what the city of Eagan, Vermillion River Watershed, Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District, and the State Legislature are doing to address water quality concerns in Dakota County. There were great organizations providing information about what’s happening in the community around water quality and what individuals or homeowners can do to help.

Data was presented that demonstrated efforts on the land surface to improve water quality have made a difference, but we still have issues that we are facing from high nitrate levels found in private wells in rural Dakota County to the threat of old leaky landfills. Conservation Minnesota is working in our communities to help elevate the issues and further the discussion. Working with organizations, individuals, and local government to protect the Minnesota we all love. I encourage you all to look into what you can do in your communities and around your homes to ensure that we have safe, swimmable, and fishable waters here in our backyards.

Vanessa Demuth