Don’t repeat Spring Lake Park trail

To the editor:

Dakota County soon opens their trail through Spring Lake Park Reserve. I hope it draws crowds, and I hope they never build another one like it.

To build it Dakota County invoked eminent domain on a third-generation property. And, they blasted bluffs the DNR cited as having natural significance and recommended be avoided when building the trail.

When you marvel at the level of construction, understand residents’ concern about Dakota County’s proposed trail through Lebanon Hills Regional Park. In the end, though the County Board said they learned from their mistakes in Spring Lake Park Reserve, they would not include wording in the Lebanon Hills Park Master Plan to ensure they couldn’t do the same there.

They did include that all Greenway Trails stay outside Lebanon Hills and the planned Connector Trail through the park be a recreation trail. Dakota County’s plans so far include the Connector Trail hooking up to the greenways on either end with signage to tell riders that the trail out there is “greenway” and the one in here is “recreation.”

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Maryann Passe