Funding needed for roads, bridges

To the editor:

State Sen. Matt Little, DFL-Lakeville, has now had two opportunities to deliver significant tax relief to his district and two opportunities to pass significant funding to rebuild roads and bridges — not just in Dakota and Goodhue County, but across Minnesota.

Frustratingly, Little voted “no” every time.

We expect politicians to put our needs ahead of their party, but Little has failed to demonstrate that. Families here have been working tirelessly just to make ends meet after massive tax increases by Gov. Mark Dayton and the DFL, but it was evidently more important for Little to align himself with his DFL colleagues rather than help alleviate the burden for the workers he represents.

We need tax relief and we need our roads fixed. We don’t need another politician who cares more about party politics than those he is supposed to represent.

Angela Sedlacek