Maye Quade on education

To the editor:

As a resident of Apple Valley and House District 57A, I have to respond to Rep. Erin Maye Quade’s  May 4 opinion piece in the St. Paul Pioneer Press promoting additional spending of 2.5 percent of taxpayer dollars on education.

She gave several reasons for this, one being the $1.65 billion tax surplus. This is, in fact, an overtaxation of Minnesota residents, who already pay the fourth-highest tax rates in the nation. These taxes reduce the discretionary income of individuals, families and seniors that could be spent to improve their quality of life and increase economic activity.

Many have to work two jobs just to get by and stay off welfare. Seniors, if they are lucky enough to have retired with some savings, have seen interest rates of almost zero. Additionally, in Minnesota their Social Security payments are included in their taxable income.

I found several statements very revealing regarding Maye Quade’s view of the role of government and what is constitutional and a moral obligation: “From cradle to college, we must support our students,” and “Their (Republicans’) plan to defund pre-K, underfund schools and underfund higher education will leave parents footing more of the bill to ensure their kids can succeed.”

I hesitate to put a label on this kind of thinking.

Rich McCabe
Apple Valley