Ninja warrior training center coming to Burnsville

Conquer Ninja Warrior, which is opening a gym in Burnsville, is especially popular with children, said owner Jake Marshman. (Submitted photo)

If you’re into warped walls, salmon ladders, jumping spiders and the bridge of blades, a new fitness and training center opening in Burnsville may be right up your half-pipe.

Conquer Ninja Warrior will open its third Twin Cities location around July 1 south of County Road 42 West between Burnsville Parkway and Southcross Drive. The business received City Council approval May 16 to occupy 7,590 square feet of the multitenant building at 3203 Corporate Center Drive.

Its two gyms packed with multicolored obstacles will be familiar to viewers of the TV series “American Ninja Warrior.” The sports entertainment competition series is a spin-off of a Japanese television series called “Sasuke.”

Ninja warrior training became its own fitness craze, and Conquer Ninja Warrior owner Jake Marshman opened his first ninja gym in 2015 in Eden Prairie, followed by another in Woodbury. A Blaine location will also open in July, Marshman said.

The longevity of the Japanese and American TV shows demonstrates ninjas’ staying power, he said. A ninja is defined as someone who is trained in ancient Japanese martial arts for espionage and assassinations.

“People asked if this is just going to be a fad,” Marshman said. “Well, it’s been over 20 years in Japan and it’s still going. This is season nine this year in the U.S., and it’s still gaining popularity.”

Conquer Ninja Warrior is all ninja all the time, not your ordinary fitness center, he said.

“There are cardio aspects to it, there are conditioning aspects to it, and there’s the all-around obstacle aspect to it,” Marshman said. “We don’t have the traditional fitness equipment or anything like that — no treadmills. It’s just ninja warrior obstacles and variations of it.”

Conquer Ninja Warrior will be available for fitness classes, competition training, birthday parties, corporate events and open gym time, Marshman said.

“All I know is it’s fun, and people love to do it,” he said. “It’s a fun way to stay active, and it’s challenging no matter how athletic you are.”

Ninja training is for “kids 5 years old all the way up to 65-year-olds,” Marshman said.

“It is kids and adults. We scale it to both,” he said. “And we find that the youth use it more, just because they’re not scared to try new things as much as an adult.”

His company fabricates most of its own gym rigging and obstacles at its shop in Hopkins, Marshman said.

“It’s going to be red, blue, we’ve got some foam pits, a lot of landing pads,” he said of the Burnsville gym. “It’s safe, it’s fun for all ages, it’ll be wide open, and when you walk in people will a lot of times be in awe because it’s just so unique and exciting.”

His Eden Prairie and Woodbury gyms are home to a few serious competitors.

“We’ve had several members compete on ‘American Ninja Warriors’ the show,” Marshman said. “This year alone we had six people from Conquer go compete. We had four trainers-staff and a couple members go compete. And both our current gym managers in Eden Prairie and Woodbury have competed on the show. And our Burnsville manager (Dan ‘The Dude’ Delano) has competed on the show as well.”

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