UPDATE: District investigating what led to student’s arrest at Apple Valley High School

The Apple Valley Police Department says it plans to have its investigation into an incident that led to police removing a student from Apple Valley High School on Thursday wrapped up fairly shortly, according to Capt. Nick Francis, since students are at the school until June 8.

While initial information about an argument between a Muslim girl and a male student and the subsequent arrest of the girl reported that the boy used an expletive when calling the girl a terrorist and that a school security officer and police school resource officer used excessive force against her, Francis said the department has not received any complaint that the slur was said or that there was excessive force used by the school resource officer.

The Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School District said its employee — security officer Jason Rieck — was placed on administrative leave pending completion of an investigation. The leave decision was made by district administration and is a common practice in such incidents.

The district said Rieck has been a security officer since September 2013 and there have been no complaints against him since that time. He is one of two district-employed security officers at the school.

Francis said there is an active investigation, the results of which will be public once it is released.

He confirmed there was an argument between two students when an Apple Valley staff member attempted to intervene.

One student was removed from the school, taken to the police department and released to her family.

Francis said the police department’s school resource officer and staff at Apple Valley High School are investigating the incident.

He said the police department and the school district collectively are working toward ensuring there is a positive and safe learning environment for all students so it is welcoming to everyone of every ethnicity in the school and the community.

Francis said it was disappointing to hear that statements were made and put in quotes about complaints that have not been reported to police.

“It makes it challenging for us to do our investigation,” he said.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations-Minnesota said a security officer and a school resource officer used excessive force against the girl, who alleged that a male student used an expletive when calling her a terrorist.

The girl’s hijab (the traditional head covering worn by Muslim women and girls) was removed during her arrest, CAIR said.

A phone call to CAIR on Monday was not returned as of the posting of this story.

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