Governing or games on climate change

To the editor:

I’d like to thank Gov. Mark Dayton for signing onto the U.S. Climate Alliance on behalf of the state of Minnesota. It is nice to see a leader take steps to safeguard our future. In pledging to honor the Paris climate agreement, Minnesota joins a growing number of states whose governors understand its value to the health of our climate, our environment, and our economy. It is a shame that President Donald Trump has instead chosen a disingenuous path of alternative facts and political grandstanding.

In doing so, Trump aligns with just two out of the world’s 200 nations. Actually, just one, Syria. Nicaragua opposed the Paris Accord because it wasn’t tough enough.

As Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar has put it, “If the United States cedes leadership on clean energy, we will be less able to compete in the modern global economy. And if we fail to take on climate change, our nation will be less secure, too.”

So the Trump move opens the door to China and Germany to expand their lead in fueling the green energy economy. As important, it hands China the baton of world leadership on a variety of issues, both military and economic.

The top U.S. diplomat in China, David Rank, resigned because of the Trump climate decision. He cited being true to his children and his Christian faith as reasons.

We should all think about that.

When do we set the political games aside and govern for our state and nation?

At least we in Minnesota have a leader that has done so.

John Wells