Help save the bees

To the editor:

We are fourth-graders at Impact Academy. We are doing a service learning project on pollinators. We learned that pollinators are disappearing and wanted to help. Here are some ways we found to help.

First, if we want to save bees we should not kill them if we see them. Another way to help is to plant more flowers. Some favorite flowers that bees like are: purple coneflower, yarrow, sunflower, horsemint, prairie blazing star, Joe-Pye weeds, goldenrods, etc.

Second we should not put pesticide on flowers so bees don’t die. We also have to take down the bee traps from our garden to help bees.

Without bees we would not have fruit. Not even chocolate. So we have to save bees because we will have less choices of fruit and candy and much more.

We hope these facts help inform you about the importance of bees.

Did you know the best way to take out a bee stinger is to scrape it out instead to pull it out.

Did you know that if a bee stings you the bee dies.

Did you know that bee venom has been used in research to block cancer cells from spreading to other cells.

Did you know in summer a worker bee lives about 40 days and a queen bee can live up to 5 years.

We hope that you can do these things to help increase the bee population.

Monse Marcial-Torres, Erick Pellico Marcial, Nikola Petrov and Remmy Njoroge
Fourth-graders at Impact Academy