Budget – Why do we continue to put up with it?

To the editor:

The last time we had a balanced budget Bill Clinton was president. Congress could pass a balanced budget this year by making three major changes. The largest cut could be done by cutting every department across the board by 10 percent. Yes, this includes the military too. The second change would raise the cap on Social Security. The third would be to go to Medicare for everyone. I’ve covered these changes in greater detail in other documents.

Another way to help balance the budget is to raise revenue. The best way to do this is to reform the income tax system. I’ve covered this is another document also. If conservatives are correct, this should double the gross domestic product which would increase revenue significantly too. We could put a small tax on stock transactions. It would increase revenue and greatly reduce the number of day traders.

If we cut back the war on drugs and taxed marijuana it would also help. Not building a 1,989 mile fence along the border between U.S. and Mexico at an estimated cost of $21.6 billion would help. Think of how much money could be saved if we had single payer health care and being able to negotiate drug prices would save a fortune. Another idea would be to put all government workers on Social Security. No longer could government workers retire with a full pension at age 55.

I haven’t even mentioned closing tax loopholes or fraud. The point is, I can think of dozens of things we could do to balance the budget. I think a little sacrifice by everyone would do more to stimulate this economy than anything else we could do.

Don Peterson