For the quality of the planet

To the editor:

Over 97 percent of scientists worldwide agree that the climate is changing rapidly, and that human activity is largely responsible.  Yet we have a Congress where one third of its members are climate change deniers. Fifty-nine percent of the House GOP caucus and 73 percent of Senate Republicans are deniers.

There used to be a time where protecting the environment was a bipartisan priority. Policies like the Clean Air and Clean Water acts, establishment of the Environmental Protection Agency and the Endangered Species Act were put in place with bipartisan cooperation.

Why is it that it is virtually impossible today to hear any Republican in state or federal government speak out in favor of environmental protection policies?  Could it possibly be because the Supreme Court’s “Citizens United” ruling opened the floodgates of oil and gas corporate monies for lobbying and campaign donations going to those willing to squash environmental regulations in order to get re-elected?  Apparently today’s GOPers care less about the quality of the planet they will leave for their children, than they do about their re-election.

Jim Dooley
Apple Valley