Farmington man elected to Toastmasters leadership

Farmington resident Ravi Rai begins a three-year term as club growth director, south, for District 6 Toastmasters on July 1. More than 10,000 International Toastmasters members in the majority of Minnesota and the eastern half of Ontario, Canada, voted to elect Rai to the leadership role.

Rai, a member of Word Masters Toastmasters club in Edina, said he decided to run for leadership office for three reasons.

“No. 1: As part of my citizenship, I took the oath to serve my community. Toastmasters district leadership is a great way to serve my community in Minnesota. No. 2: Apply recently acquired leadership lessons. I was part of an esteemed leadership program (Emerging Leaders Institute). I learned in depth the techniques and tools to be a public leader. I wish to benefit Toastmasters with my recently acquired leadership knowledge. No. 3: Stretch outside my comfort zone. To have an effective internal development, we have to go outside of our comfort zone. Club growth director forces me to go beyond the basics of running/being part of a club. It involves creating goals and action plans, working with fellow toastmaster leaders and help them as a servant leader.”

He said, “Toastmasters helped me understand how to communicate better, effectively present ideas, and gain confidence by taking on leadership roles. Being a leader is not just about having a position and working with a team. I learned in Toastmasters that you have to learn the art of motivating others, communicate your vision, and be a role model, in order to be an effective and authentic leader.”

Toastmasters International has as its motto “Where Leaders Are Made.” Members learn to lead from the very first meeting and all meeting afterwards.

District 6 is one of 102 districts, which comprises more than 279 corporate and community clubs in Region 4. To learn more about District 6, visit: