Calling Dr. Freud

To the editor:

I attended the Town Hall for Senate District 57 held by state Sen. Greg Clausen and Rep. Erin Maye Quade on June 28. My response is: “Calling Dr. Freud! Calling Dr. Freud! There are people in our district who need serious help!”

For every topic, there was a victim, a lurking enemy, a silo, a stereotype, an opposition that wants to hurt old, sick and poor people. We will all be “devastated,” in “jeopardy,” subject to “justice” with “racial overtones,” and persecuted because (to quote Quade) “we haven’t done anything to end racism since slavery.”

Clausen and Quade do not support elected representatives for Met Council because it allows the appointed positions to be “independent.” So what does that make Clausen and Quade? And, why skip the Met Council, why don’t we have everyone appointed?

Bottom line, Lenin would be proud. The meeting touched every topic with the theme of: Peace, Land and Bread for the proletariat! Down with the administration (Czar Trump and his people).

Just a heads-up, Lenin did achieve his goal. Unfortunately, the people did not. And reality had nothing to do with any of it.

Sharon Peterson