Road rage incident leads to felony charges in Eagan

An Eagan man was charged with a felony following a road rage incident June 21 in Eagan.

Mark Patrick Lenze, 43, allegedly threw a lit cigarette in someone’s car and pointed a gun at the driver when confronted after they did not allow him to merge.

He was charged with felony threat of violence (intent to terrorize) and misdemeanor disorderly conduct (offensive, abusive, noisy or obscene conduct) in Dakota County Court last week.

According to the statement of probable cause, Lenze was driving next to the victim where two lanes was going down to one.

The victim gave room for one vehicle to merge, but didn’t allow Lenze’s vehicle to pull in front of him, so Lenze allegedly threw a lit cigarette into the victim’s vehicle.

Lenze was able to pull in front of the victim while they reached for the cigarette, who eventually pulled over and got of their car to approach Lenze and asked if he wanted his cigarette back.

It was then that Lenze allegedly pointed a silver handgun at the victim, who then returned to their car and called police.

The victim showed the officer where the cigarette burned the carpet and gave the cigarette to the officer.

Using the vehicle description and plate number, officers went to Lenze’s place of residents where he was identified as the individual who pointed a gun.

According to the report, Lenze admitted to the altercation over merging but denied any cigarettes were involved. He said he pulled over because he was being followed and admitted to pointing the gun when the victim approached the window.

Lenze agreed that the victim did not threaten him in any when they approached the car.

Lenze is facing a maximum penalty of 5 years, 90 days in jail and an $11,000 fine.