Sunday liquor sales to begin on July 2

Farmington Liquor follows suit of surrounding communities

In March 2017, Gov. Mark Dayton lifted the century-old ban on the prohibition of Sunday liquor sales.

Also known as blue laws, the laws that have been cited as enforcing religious standards, exist in many states.

Apple Valley and Lakeville municipal-owned liquor stores have decided to sell on Sundays and Farmington is also.

Blair Peterson, liquor operations manager, looks forward to a new opportunity to serve the citizens of Farmington by opening on Sundays.

“We chose to be open on Sundays because with all the surrounding cities having their stores open, we couldn’t afford not to be,” Peterson said. “Besides, it’s a great opportunity.”

Peterson believes that being open on Sundays won’t increase overall sales as he expects the change will result in the same revenue for Farmington liquor. He said other states that have experienced the move say overall revenues have not been increased.

He said operating costs will increase by being open the extra day.

Besides Sunday sales starting in July, Farmington Liquor stores will be raising funds to collect supplies to support our military personnel in the Farmington area during their fourth annual collection drive.

Throughout the month of July, people can help by donating $1 or by bringing in supply items including: non-perishable food, toiletries, batteries, sunscreen, lip balm, deodorant, eye drops, beef snack sticks, mouthwash, iTunes gift cards, AAA and AA batteries, and anything else that they think would bring a soldier cheer.

One hundred percent of donations will be given to Farmington Yellow Ribbon Network.