Rebranded dental office goes upscale in Eagan

Dr. Daniel Brengman moves practice to Cedar Grove

Dr. Daniel Brengman moved his dental practice from its longtime location on Cliff Road in Eagan to a commercial space below the Flats of Cedar Grove. Photo by Tad Johnson

About a two years before the lease expired at the building where Dr. Daniel Brengman’s Eagan dental office was located for 18 years, Brengman began exploring options.

After looking around at several spaces, Brengman decided to put the office in the middle of it all.

That middle is in the revitalized Cedar Grove area of Eagan a couple of miles from the old office near Cliff Road and Cedar Avenue.

Brengman and his associates were able to design the interior space in the commercial area below the Flats at Cedar Grove, injecting a modern, upscale appearance and rebranding the practice as B Dental.

A new logo, interior design and the addition of equipment has turned a trip to the dentist into a pampering experience.

“I love the space with all of the natural light,” Brengman said.

In addition to the new office at 3825 Cedar Grove Pkwy,. Suite 1101, having lots of windows to the outside world, the interior was designed with light colors along with being efficient.

“We knew where everything needed to go,” Brengman said.

The lab and the sterilization area are closer to the four work stations, which each feature new patient chairs and digital x-rays.

The chairs include back massaging action, and there are flat screen TVs that allow patients to watch their favorite shows.

Brengman said several pieces of equipment were brought to the new location, including the digital X-rays, which were purchased in 2007.


The X-ray, which allow instant results, is one of the many changes in dentistry through the years.

Brengman said most of that change has been in products like tooth-colored composite resin that’s used for fillings instead of amalgam — the silver colored replacements that required more of the tooth to be removed to adhere properly.

“The human body doesn’t change much,” he said. “But the technology and the materials we use have changed.”

Brengman said people are more educated than ever with regard to the link between oral health and how healthy the rest of the body is.

He said there is a strong correlation between good oral health and prevention of cardiovascular problems and diabetes.

“I went into (dentistry) to help people,” Brengman said. “It’s about developing relationships with people in order to help them with their oral health and overall health.”

He said he and his staff dispense advice all of the time, with the messages being the frequent ones from dentists through the years — brush, floss and eat right.

Brengman said he’s treated many patients through the years with difficult problems with their oral health. While a trip to dentist may be viewed by some as adding more pain, the myth is debunked regularly as anesthetics for dentistry have advanced so much any possible pain won’t be felt during procedures.

Brengman said he tells patient who are experiencing oral pain: “The worst thing you are going to feel is right now” before treatment.

In addition to performing a range of preventative and oral surgery services, B Dental offers teeth whitening, dentures and mouthguards.

It also offers Botox and Xeomin treatments for frown lines, crow’s feet around the eyes and radial “pucker” lines around the mouth.

Other services include dermal fillers Juviderm and Belotero Balance to rid nasolabial fold and marionette lines around the nose and mouth as well as augmenting lip shape and volume.

Brengman has an undergraduate degree in biochemistry from the University of Minnesota, which is where he also earned his doctorate in dental surgery.

He has an extended lease at the new location, so he plans to remain in the area where he raised his three daughters (all graduates of Eagan High School) for a long time.

“It is home,” he said.

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