Accountability in climate claims

To the editor:

The letter writer of June 30 claims that over 31,000 “scientists” have signed a declaration refuting the International Panel on Climate Change report. This declaration dates back to 1998. This petition was created by individuals and groups with political motivations, was distributed using misleading tactics, is presented with almost no accountability regarding the authenticity of its signatures, and asks only that you have received an undergraduate degree in any science to sign. Furthermore, it was created in opposition to the Kyoto Protocol which was created in 1992. The writer mentions tired “tropes,” and then he uses one.

The letter writer goes on to repeat President Donald Trump’s claim that the Paris Climate Change Accord would lower the worldwide temperature by only .2 degree Celsius. The president purposely used a 2014 report, which gave him the number he wanted. A 2016 report shows that the Paris accord would curb rising temperatures by 1.8 degree Fahrenheit. It’s still not enough, but it’s a step in the right direction, rather than the retreat the president is advocating.

Spencer Reppe
Apple Valley