Democrats have a health care plan

To the editor:

The Democrats have proposals for improvement of the Affordable Care Act pending before Congress. Republicans have a “plan” pushed by Sen. Mitch McConnell that many Republicans have rejected. Despite the fact that they have complained for seven years about the ACA, and despite the fact that they are now in power, Republicans still complain that Democrats have no plan. Aside from the fact that the ball is in the Republican’s court, that statement is simply false.

Democrats have proposed the following — and have submitted legislation to enact these plans:

• Ensuring cost sharing reduction payments are made to help stabilize insurance markets

• Creating a permanent reinsurance program to spread the risk of large claims

• Creating a mechanism where people living in counties without an insurer have access to insurance from another source

• Gradually reducing the financial support for those whose incomes just exceed the income qualification category

• Preventing brand name insurers from buying off generic drug makers, making generic drugs available on the market sooner than happens presently

• Requiring that Medicare negotiate drug prices with pharmaceutical companies

• Making drugs more readily available from Canada

These proposals would go a long way to making the Affordable Care Act more effective. It is not necessary to repeal and replace the ACA. It just needs to be fixed. And Democrats are trying to do that.

Tell U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis he needs to listen to the Democratic proposals.

Lynn Carlson