New playground approved in Rosemount

Features some ‘atypical equipment’

Photo submitted
The photo shared by the city of Rosemount shows the design chosen for the new Greystone Park playground. The park will also feature a wobble sphere and generational swing, along with some atypical, ground-level features.

Greystone Park is officially getting new playground equipment.

Rosemount Parks and Recreation Director Dan Schultz said the park has some atypical equipment features such as a generational swing, where an adult and child share the swing for a more interactive experience, along with wobble sphere, and new rotating climber called a REV8.

“It has some traditional playground equipment, which is always popular in these types of parks,” Schultz said. “But it also has some of the new atypical equipment. Not all firms even sell it at this point. It’s not your typical step, deck and then a slide. … It’s something that varies from the traditional equipment, but it’s popular.”

Equipment for younger children involves ground-level play with climbable features.

“They don’t have to go up steps or go high above the ground to play,” Schultz said. “The neighbors didn’t want the whole playground filled with this atypical equipment, but they wanted them to introduce the features.”

The playground will feature more than 30 play opportunities, Schultz said.

Schultz said the park is about halfway done and a new trail is currently under construction. People will be able to access the park before it’s finished by using trails. The playground could be ready for kids by mid-August.

The park will also include several shaded areas and basketball court along with garden plots with a spigot.

The 5.3 acre park is in the north end of the still developing Greystone Park neighborhood at 1268 138th St. E.

City officials held a neighborhood meeting in March to get some ideas as to what neighbors would like in the park.

“Their input was valuable,” Schultz said. “It was used and we ended up with a really good product.”

The Youth Commission, Park Commission and other city officials independently reviewed the plan. Out of six proposals, St. Croix Recreation’s plan was selected.

Schultz said it’s a fairly unique process to Rosemount.

“We’re one of the last few communities that really has a wide open system,” Schultz said. “We accept proposals from all vendors and go through a scoring process and try to pick the best one each time. Some communities use the same vendors over and over again. They like the continuity. They like the equipment, or they limit to how many they accept. We feel we get a better product leaving it open.”

The Greystone Park will cost about $70,000.

Schultz said the city is looking at replacing the equipment at four other parks, and they will look to use the same process.