Why Lewis won the election

To the editor:

I recently read the letter in last week’s newspaper from Richard Iffert and think an explanation is needed on why Lewis got elected in the first place and her name is Paula Overby. Overby is a transgendered and former Democratic activist.

She left the DFL in 2014 after not getting the Democratic nomination for Congress and complaining about not being able to have the time she wanted to grandstand at DFL events on Transgendered rights. She joined the Independence Party to run as a third party candidate because at the time she did not need signatures to run as the IP was a major party in Minnesota back then. She ran again in 2016. She essentially took the third party vote from those who voted for third party candidates in the presidential race as the percentage totals between the Democratic candidates, Republican candidates, and the third party votes in the Congressional and Presidential races were similar. Thus, she took the swing vote Democrat Angie Craig would have needed to win the 2016 election simply by putting her name on the ballot.

In interviews given in 2013 and 2014, she believed the Congressional endorsement was a sort of acceptance of her being transgendered as she wanted to be the first transgendered person elected to congress. But when the nomination was given to someone else, she then stated the DFL “excludes the majority of Americans “ and caters to white middle class men.

However, Andrea Jenkins (who is transgendered) got the DFL endorsement to run for Minneapolis city council this year and the DFL ran an openly gay woman in Craig for the second congressional last year. The truth is that the DFL can’t give a nomination to a candidate simply because a candidate is a LGBTQ member as a candidate must be able to be the most electable and have the most knowledge to do the job.

Therefore, I would urge people to stop booing Lewis at parades and convince Overby not to run again in 2018.

Frankly, the needs of the many outweigh one person’s political agenda.

William Cory Labovitch
South St. Paul