When dreams go up in smoke

Zeimet and his son, Camron, at the US Bank Stadium for the Monster Jam event.
At the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the shop opening in May 2017.
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Zeimet and his girlfriend, Amber Smith, hiking the Barn Bluff in Red Wing, MN.

EZ Auto Repair owner reflects on recent fire

Eric Zeimet had worked tirelessly for years to realize his dream of owning his own auto repair shop. The dream lasted for just over two months.

On Wednesday, June 21, Zeimet watched in shock as his dream went up in flames. In a fluke accident, EZ Auto Repair on Third Street caught fire.

Zeimet says that no one is to blame, and he recognized the accident as one of the risks in his line of work.

“I honestly do not know if this could have been prevented, we were fixing something to hopefully prevent this exact situation from happening somewhere else or even while driving,” he said.

The silver lining of the situation: it could’ve been worse.

He hasn’t had time to sit idle.

Zeimet is continuing to run his business out of a personal garage and is trying to figure out what to do next. He remains inspired by encouraging social media posts, as well as motivated to better his future for himself, and for his family.

Zeimet has realized his dream once before, and even though the event devastated him, he remains optimistic. In building his business from the ground up, he has an even wider support network.

“The support and outpouring from the community, my family, and friends have been nothing short of amazing and have truly inspired me to keep moving forward,” Zeimet said, “to ensure I keep my dream alive, to rebuild and prove to all of them and myself that it can happen again.”

In difficult times, we find ourselves repeating a set of words to keep us focused and grounded. They can be fairly simple, sometimes considered cliche, but in their simplicity they can have a profound impact.

Zeimet’s mantra follows this pattern: “What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.”

As he focuses on the rebuilding process, this is the biggest piece of advice to anyone else facing a setback.

The phrase, often used in sports and physical endeavors, implies a sense of gratitude that one is alive.

As Psychology Today reported, “research demonstrates that focusing on what we are grateful for is a universally rewarding way to feel happier and more fulfilled.”

Zeimet has continued to push onward and look for the silver linings. He hasn’t focused on what happened, but instead “that we all got out safely. We all are uninjured. That is a miracle; that is the silver lining.”

Zeimet’s setback is a testament to the power of gratitude and the strength found in community. With a campaign started by his family, Farmington strangers have given donations and words of support in Zeimet’s time of need. A You Caring page is at http://tinyurl.com/yabvw4ng.

Besides a knack for fixing cars, Zeimet also possesses that all-important thing with feathers — hope

Eric Zeimet at work under the previous owner


Forever looking forward, Zeimet hopes he can come out the other side of this with his dream alive again.