Let’s avoid emergency room care

To the editor:

I am writing in the hope that U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis will respond. Despite several emails and petitions to his office, I have only received canned emails in reply.

We know we need insurance to insulate us from exorbitant health care bills. The plans before the House and Senate threatens to deprive millions of people of health care insurance. Without insurance, these people will put off getting care until it becomes a crisis and many will be forced to go to emergency rooms. Doesn’t this equate to higher costs for all of us? Like shoplifting and fraud, the price will be passed on.

We have pledged as a country that none who need care will be turned away. Who then absorbs that cost? Won’t it be all of us? The tax cut enclosed in the current bill benefits only the richest; that poorest cannot pay, which means the middle class will be the ones footing the bill. It will not be the insurance companies or the medical community. Telling people that the insurance premiums may come down is only a distraction disguising the true cost that is sure to come.

Les Bruesehoff