Government shouldn’t provide for all

To the editor:

Two letters to the editor in the July 28 editions ought to raise alarm in all freedom loving citizens.

In the first, Glen Wallace credits big government for making America great. Even a casual look at our history should cause anyone concerned with objectivity to recognize that the great strides in American wealth was caused by individual inventors, industrialists, and the competitive spirit of the entrepreneur.

For the record, President Dwight Eisenhower had U.S. freeways built to expedite military convoys to their points of embarkation. This is authorized in Section 8, Article 7 of the Constitution. Universal health care is not authorized anywhere in our Constitution. Wallace may want government-funded health care but please do not call it insurance. Les Bruesehoff’s letter is similar. He, too, wants no modifications to government-run Cadillac health care despite skyrocketing costs and premiums that bust budgets of workers and taxpayers.

Do these letter writers want the government to be the provider for all necessities with all its costs and inefficiencies? Russia has all of that for all who do not want free markets.

U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis is right, the government is broke! For those who love freedom we ought to be alarmed.

Dan Rossini