Stop county’s proposed McAndrews expansion

To the editor:

Next summer residents from Pilot Knob to Highway 3 along McAndrews, will witness the destruction of hundreds of trees, asphalt expansion on both sides of the county road, and some will have cars passing several feet from their residence. Cities of Rosemount and Apple Valley are affected. This proposed expansion did not take into account the residents who live along McAndrews and what it would mean in terms of noise, physical loss of property as well as loss of property values. The county has made monetary offers to those affected. Those who do not agree with the offer can request another survey. If people still do not agree with the monetary offer, the county will use “eminent domain” to take the land.

All with the aim of greater safety. We are all for greater safety, however, the residents I talked to (more than 10 residents along McAndrews) want to keep their trees, decrease the speed limit, and have a greater presence of police to monitor traffic.

All seven county commissioners voted for this expansion to take place.

Please contact the board members and let them know that we need a maintained road that is monitored for speed. That will achieve a safer McAndrews road as well as maintaining property values.

Mike Stinson
Apple Valley