Education briefs for the week of Aug. 11

Wendy Knight

Knight installed as state SNA president
Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan School District Nutrition Coordinator Wendy Knight was installed as 2017-18 president of the nonprofit Minnesota School Nutrition Association.

Knight first began her career as a nutrition supervisor for Minneapolis Public Schools. Her years as a registered dietitian began at the University of Minnesota Hospitals and Clinics, working her way up to assistant director of food services at Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park. She took what she learned at the hospitals and began working for Upper Lakes Foods Inc. as a distributor sales representative. It was there that she began consulting with dietary managers and supervisors regarding menus, pricing, food cost, special events, labor reduction, etc. It was only natural that she combined her work experience with nutrition science and began working in a school system, using her knowledge of food services and account management to help plan and implement healthy school meals for students. She has worked at ISD 196 for 23 years.

In her role as coordinator of food and nutrition services, Knight organizes and administers all aspects of the federal school meals programs in her school district.

She has served as a committee chair and member for the Minnesota Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, Twin Cities District Dietetics Association and 196 District Wellness Committee co-chair. She has held various chair and membership positions throughout her membership with the Minnesota School Nutrition Association.

Knight received the MSNA Thelma Flanagan Gold Award in 1994 and 1998. She has helped lead MSNA before, as chapter president in 1994 and 1998 and president-elect in 2017. In 2010, ISD 196 was the first district in the state of Minnesota to receive the USDA’s Healthier US School Challenge Award.

Knight earned her bachelor’s degree in foods, nutrition, and institutional management from the Washington State University in Pullman, and held her dietetics internship at the University of Minnesota Hospital and Clinics in Minneapolis.

District 196 students exceed state averages on reading, math and science tests
The percentage of District 196 students who scored proficient on state reading, math and science tests exceeded statewide averages for all grades tested in spring 2017, according to results of the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments, Series III (MCA-III) released by the Minnesota Department of Education Aug. 7.

These tests are given annually in reading (grades 3-8 and 10), math (grades 3-8 and 11) and science (grades 5, 8 and high school, after completion of the life science curriculum). More than 14,500 District 196 students took the MCAs last spring. Results for individual students will be mailed to parents this fall.

The MCAs measure student performance on the Minnesota Academic Standards, which define what students should know and be able to do in a particular grade. Students earn a score in one of four achievement levels: 1) does not meet the standards; 2) partially meets the standards; 3) meets the standards; and 4) exceeds the standards. Students who meet or exceed the standards are considered to be proficient in the subject area.

Compared to 2016 results, the percentage of District 196 students who scored proficient on the MCA reading, math and science tests stayed about the same for all levels tested.

Results for every district and school in the state, from 2013 to 2017, are available at via the Minnesota Report Card tool located within the data center tab.

More than 750 District 196 students earned AP scholar honors
The College Board recognized 764 District 196 high school students for their performance on Advanced Placement (AP) course exams taken during the 2016-17 school year.

District 196 high schools offer 24 different AP courses which have been audited and approved by the College Board, a nonprofit organization of colleges, universities, secondary schools and higher education institutions focused on college readiness programs. Students who complete an AP course can take an optional exam and earn college credit, depending on their score on the exam and admission requirements at the college or university they attend. An AP exam score of 3 or higher (on a scale of 1 to 5) earns credit at many of the nation’s colleges and universities.

There are four different levels of AP scholar recognition that are defined by the scores received and the number of exams taken during a student’s high school career:

• AP Scholar is granted to students who receive scores of 3 or higher on three or more AP exams taken;

• AP Scholar with Honor recognizes students who receive an average score of at least 3.25 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on four or more of the exams;

• AP Scholar with Distinction is given to students who receive an average score of at least 3.5 on all AP exams taken and scores of 3 or higher on five or more of the exams; and

• National AP Scholar recognizes students who receive an average score of at least 4 on all AP exams taken and scores of 4 or higher on eight or more of the exams.

The District 196 students who earned recognition as AP scholars during the 2016-17 school year are listed below by category and school.

National AP Scholars
Apple Valley High School – Henry Dikeman, Abigail Loe and Bradley Zimmerman; Eagan High School – Jonathan David, Andrew Marell, Raj Purohit, Rylee Smith and Ryan Steger; Eastview High School – Jackson Billion, Ryan Chen, David Dobkin, Nansea Ji, Osman Mansur, Sean Mather, Joseph Matijasevich, Nicole McMahon, Alexander Pan, Samuel Pekarek, Jacquelyn Peterson, Bryant Ruff, Gundeep Singh, Kaitlyn Turner, Michelle Uchenik, Priya Vijay and Jeffrey Zhu; Rosemount High School – Isabel Edgar, Collin Goldsworthy, Benjamin Haisting, Trevor Liggett, Laura Rietveld, Jason Senthil and Dominic Voto; and School of Environmental Studies – Claudia May. (These 33 National AP Scholars are also recognized as AP Scholars with Distinction.)

AP Scholars with Distinction (260 students)
Apple Valley High School – Gavin Asmus, John Boals, Sarah Crippes, Henry Dikeman, Claire Doty, Ethan Elumba, Emilia Galchutt, Sarah Grambo, Molly Gunderson, Kegan Hackett, Colin Kleopfer, Maria Larson, Brooke Lewis, Abigail Loe, Kenan Reu Lumantas, Kyle Lundberg, Jane Michaelson, Molly Moynihan, Edward Naughton, Rachel Niederkorn, Megan Orzolek, Payton Parmett, Chase Rapp, Cori Roberts, Josephine Rogers, Rachel Stevens, Kathryn Voegele, Anna Watson and Bradley Zimmerman.

Eagan High School – Patrick Acton, Lucas Andersen, Lucas Aronson, Elizabeth Bartlett, Alexander Beaudin, Arunima Bhattacharya, Trevor Burgoyne, McKinley Carlin, Jeffrey Chen, Andrew Ching, Patrick Collins, Bryce Collison, Conner Cress, Jonathan David, Morgan Davies, Joshua Dean, Joel Douglas, Justin Eccles, Caroline Evans, Benjamin Flanagan, Sarah Glaser, Elsie Goren, Sathyanarayanan Govindarajan, Shashanka Gowdar, Nicole Hawthorne, Bryan Hilgeman, Angela Hugunin, Maleehah Islam, Immanual John Milton, Alyssa Jolliffe, Lauren Kalina, Rachel Knutson, Alexa Koch, Andrew Marell, Lauren Markowski, Maxwell Marshall, Thomas McGowan, Dane Miller, Imraan Mitha, Jacob Mox, Lars Olson, Reece Peters, Raj Purohit, Swati Rampalli, Madeleine Roberts, Sarah Rutzick, Dylan Schuller, Rylee Smith, Ryan Steger, Rosella Stower, John Streed, Mackenzie Thelen, Evan Vander Hoeven, Steven Wagner, Connor Wendolek, Christopher Wiese and Brandon Wilary.

Eastview High School – Ross Abram, Matthew Afanasiev, Yasmin Afifi, Fathima Naheeda Riaz Ahamadeen, Sauviz Alaei, Logan Albrecht, Kimberly Alexander, Tabitha Alitz, Kayla Arradondo, Jackson Billion, Andrew Borg, Abigail Braun, Haley Challgren, Ryan Chen, Xin Chen, Haley Chinander, Kareena Clendening, Michael Delich, Haley Dietz, Kaitlyn Diskin, Alexander Do, Han Do, David Dobkin, Tyler Dodge, Madeline Doyle, Dayton Duffy, Netra Duggirala, Anna Duong-Topp, Megan Eden, Haley Eversman, Allison Ford, Dante Fornizy, Alexandra Gekht, Patrick Gibbons-Peterson, Soren Gloege Torp, Shelby Graupmann, Evan Gunn, Ronit Gupta, Robert Harnagel, Athena Hatfield, Zachary Herro, Rachel Herzog, Jordan Homstad, Akarshna Iyer, Nansea Ji, Benjamin Johnson, Pranav Julakanti, Jacob Kelly, Clare Kennedy, Jordan Kennedy, Emily King, Shubhit Kumar, Nathan Larson, Anna Leikvold, Ethan Lord, Christian Lutton, Tyler MacDowell, Osman Mansur, Sean Mather, Joseph Matijasevich, Sydney McKenzie, Nicole McMahon, William Michels, Alexander Moon, Ryan Moran, Adam Morken, Rebecca Most, Aunya Mukherjee, Ronan Murray, Namita Nair, Pranav Nair, Queen Nwaudo, Alexander Pan, Samuel Pekarek, Tyler Perrizo, Elijah Peterson, Jacquelyn Peterson, Ryan Pevan, Daniel Portnov, Aubrianna Ramsland, Paige Randby, Karl Ritschel, Suhail Rizvi, Bryant Ruff, Natalie Ryan, Avery Schmidt, Hanna Schroeder, Hannah Schwartz, Gundeep Singh, Jenna Smith, Benjamin Spann, Garrett Sprouse, Kaitlynn Stearns, Ethan Ta, Sumukha Terakanambi, Theodore Tiedemann, Brittni Tonnessen, Trang Tran, Catthy Trinh, Melody Try, Kaitlyn Turner, Michelle Uchenik, Claire Underhill, My Ung, Emma Vanhdy, Shrinivas Venkatasubramani, Priya Vijay, Megan Voss, Alex Walrath, Anna Yermishkin and Jeffrey Zhu.

Rosemount High School – Stanley Ancheta, Gabriel Anderson, Devin Beck, Hannah Betters, Mylaney Bleick, Aidan Buesing, Hayden Chester, Benedict Donnay, Evelyn Doran, Nathan Ebeling, Colette Edgar, Isabel Edgar, Jenna Eichten, Reid Fluegel, Dani Follett-Dion, Collin Goldsworthy, Andrea Gordon, Seth Gorman, Benjamin Haisting, Elizabeth Johnson, Ritika Kolan, Colin Lamoreaux, Lani Lee, Trevor Liggett, Alec Loehr, Luke Loehr, Connor Luna, Clayton McIntyre, Alexander McKeever, Justin Myrah, Vanessa Northway, Emma Oss, Ayla Pavelka, Anna Peterson, Alannah Rapp, Sydney Regalado, Kathleen Richards, Laura Rietveld, Ryan Schneider, Jack Schroeder, Jason Senthil, Julia Simms, Jacob Smith, Danielle Sorenson, Nicholas Stoner, Brynn Sundgaard, Brynn Tonn, Jack Troshinsky, Dominic Voto, Kyle West, Anna Wise, Alexander Wood, Jahmaine Renzo Yambing, Alexander Zhu and Jack Zickrick.

School of Environmental Studies – Grace Dougan, Erin Flesher, Claire Grannes, Michael Laidlaw, Hanalei Lewine, Claudia May, Sara O’Halloran and Cecelia Vandervort.

AP Scholars with Honor (163 students)
Apple Valley High School – Derek Chung, Kendra Fink, Nicholas Finken, Kyli Knutson, Jon Krueger, Joseph Larson, Jacob Martin, Nicole Meyer, Nina Moschkau, Brandon Schellhaass, Benjamin Schwartz and Caitlin Wright.

Eagan High School – Jacob Abbott, Emily Albert-Stauning, Olivia Amundson, Ryan Anderson, Brooke Bowe, Truman Brown, Jaewon Byun, Isabel Carlisano, Austin Casey, Viola El-Afandi, Kirsten Elliott, Paul Filonowich, Jack Flynn, Megan Gamme, Andrew Grunklee, Benned Hedegaard, Jenna Herbrand, Michael Kehoe, Olivia Keller, Nibraas Khan, Ian Krulich, Jackson Lee, Benjamin Leiran, Chloe Liew, Andrew Lowder, Jessica Lundquist, Maeve McGuire, Paige Moy, Daniel Naranjo, Mila New, Madelyn Ogorek, Ryan Pagois, Seth Prokop, Gregory Quick, Atulya Reddy, Ricardo Rodriguez, Kayla Ryan, Pavan Sakhamuru, Madeline Sandish, Ethan Schnaser, Carly Schriner, Frederic Shih, Quenton Steffen, Joseph Strobel, Taylor Thompson, Sydnie Tutewohl, Allen Villaluz, Christopher Weinberger, Stephanie Yang and Breanne Yates.

Eastview High School – Abigail Alwin, Anshuman Balaji, Connor Bass, Megan Boelter, Matthew Bohl, Jarett Boraas, Garrett Broemer, Mitchell Budreau, Eliana Buscho, Ryan Calvert, Mary Dillon, McKinley EspindaBanick, Noah Gempler, Ellen Hahn, Keran Han, Cameron Hierlmaier, Samuel Hookom, Bemnet Kika, Rhea Kohli, Erin Kronabetter, Priya Kumar, Jaclyn Lewine, Amelia Li, Christina Lu, Michael McMahon, Sarah Most, Shayne Murray, Pratik Nehete, Anne Nguyen, Brandon Nguyen, Megan Olson, Zachary Perrizo, Viraj Rajanayagam, William Ratsamy, Joseph Robinson, Andrew Stevens, Kenny Ta, Maria Villelli, Marie Wiegele, Benjamin Wilson and Richard Yin.

Rosemount High School – Asya Anderson, Sophia Anderson, Maija Beckwith, Amber Billings, Emma Bushard, Caruso Caradori, Collin Chalmers, Joy Cooper, Kristine Cotten, Clara Dahl, Monique Demuth, Matthew Dwyer, Sierra Fandrick, Chancellor Farmer, John Gorgoglione, Teresa Grunklee, Jackson Hahn, John Haney, Sydney Hansen, Maxim Hjelmstad, Petra Holtze, Thomas Huffstutler, Samantha Johnson-Bacon, Keller Lampert, Bailey Leuth, Jacob Liggett, Noelle Loesch, Kennedy McCarthy, Amber O’Brien, Nnamdi Okorie, John Olson, Trevor Otterdahl, Lea Payette, Allison Peterson, Colin Robinson, Douglas Rowe, Andrew Sauvageau, Jacob Schnoor, Kyle Schomisch, Clarice Shanks, Josiah Skaar, Joey Skare, Benjamin Smeed, Preston Strop, Rafay Syed, Blake Tamminen, Ezekiel Town, Katherine Turner, Lindsey Vermurlen, Tanner Wenzel, Celestyna Williams, Mihret Yezihalem and Zachary Zeigler.

School of Environmental Studies – Kira Dobberman, Skylar Feltner, Carson Kowalski, Alan Larson, Aidan Lau, Sarah Peterson and Linnea Prehn.

AP Scholars (341 students)
Apple Valley High School – Justin Anderson, Logan Barnes, Ian Bender, Jonah Bengtson, Kyle Bergevin, Michael Boerboon, Abigail Brachio, Joseph Crepeau, John Curran, Trinity Ek, Isaiah Ewald, Brandon Graves, Ian Jarvi, Reid Jarvi, Aaron Johnson, Nicole Knutson, Mykaela Korn, Alexander Loher, Katherine Lorenz, Devon Mittelstaedt, Noah Packwood, Nicholas Perkins, Jensen Petros, Spencer Rolland, Jack Rosenthal, Leigh Rosenthal, Arianna Rotty, Jacob Schumacher, Carolyn Schwartz, Michael Stellmach, Atalanta Stoeke, Barbara Tan, Samuel Thompson, Connor Van Hulzen, Erik Vogel, Jacob Willette and Kelly Zafra.

Eagan High School – Devon Adams, Emma Anderson, Chloe Asuncion, Kathryn Beehler, Landon Borges, Abigail Cecka, Amelia Chea, Lucie Cherel, Maxwell Clark, Anna Connelly, Alexander Copeland, Grace Coskran, Benjamin Czaja, Rushali Dham, Dallas Edwards, Eva Erickson, Savannah Feterl, Jacob Flaum, Adam Ford, Gage Gladhill, Luke Gnatkowski, Alex Gong, Michael Guzior, Shannon Hayes, David Herron, Breanna Hess, Dane Hostager, Shannah Howland, Waleed Ishaque, Bailey Jacoby, Tyler Jensen, Greta Jonas, Emily Josephson, Andrew Kaul, Joseph Kelly, Annalise Kilgore, Katherine Krska, Lillian Krueger, Noah Langley, Jahred Lapastora, Anika Le, Miriam Lebowitz, Lucas Leiter, Cassidy Lemieux, Rhamses Lo, Aaron Lutz, Collin Madden, Cameron Marsh, Madeline Matsoff, Emily McCoy, Shannon McCoy, Joshua Mihm, Mariyum Mir, Gregory Norton, Jerry Ostrem, Laura Post, Charushila Ramesh, Allison Randall, Melanie Rausch, Subhashree Ravichandran, Jacob Reding, Jack Reichenbach, Amrit Sanal, Maria Sanchez, Alexander Schaumann, Callum Schmidt, Samuel Schmidt, Annika Scott, Madeline Sefton, Maryam Shah Din, Gwyneth Simon, Tanner Skluzacek, Natalie Smith, Samantha Sogge, Yazhini Solayappan, Rachel Standal, Linnea Stanton, Elizabeth Steenberg, Lacey Stewart, Dylan Stiff, Margaret Stout, Meg Swanson, Mariam Tahir, Amanuel Teshome, Daniel Turin, Jacob Van Wyk, Anthony Wallace, Hunter Weber, Grant Weis, Hunter Weis, Carter West and Anne Wong.

Eastview High School – Siddharth Addagudi, Jacob Barker, David Besonen, Ainsley Bollom, Michael Brennan, Kayla Brunner, Kyle Brusco, Jameson Bryan, Cullen Buck, Claire Busse, Mason Carpenter, Tessa Cockerill, Julius Davidson, Davis DeBoom, Therese Dehnert, Emma Deslauriers-Knop, Katherine Dewitt, Sejil Doraiswamy, Maia Drkula, Tharun Dulla, Alexandr Dunagan, Mohamad Elashri, Anneka Ellingson, Carter Epperson, Ada Erdahl, Jesse Fan, Helen Forman, Ethan Friel, Hannah Fromm, Grace Gilles, Sjon Greseth, Wilson Hacker, Fatuma-Duthi Hassan, Emma Hennek, Tyler Hernesman, Isabella Huerta, Jacob Ives, Delaney Johnson, Grace Johnson, Sydney Johnston, Madison Karels, Elizabeth Kosel, Mateo Koster, Mitchell Kottke, Josiah Krause, Vidyut Krishnasrinivas, Rose Kromschroeder, Preethi Kumar, Tenzin Kunchok, Jackson Lee, Samuel Levey, Melissa Liu, Devin Loosbrock, Jessie Luevano, Nicholas Lutton, Kevin Ly, Sasha Mahlen, Carsyn Maier, Matthew Martens, Tess Matalamaki, Rachel Mauch, Vibha Mavanji, Brady Miller, Samuel Miller, Markus Minarik, Sanjana Molleti, Akshay Naik, Vincent Nguyen, Jacob Nichols, Victoria Nikonov, Madelyn Nunberg, Leonardo Nunn, Elizabeth Oberle, Benjamin Patterson, Anna Plotnik, Patrick Pridgen, Rupsa Raychaudhuri, Andrew Reinhardt, Corinne Roe, Byron Roeder, Raymond Rossman, Mackenzie Scheldt, Eric Schmidt, Natalie Stevens, Emilia Stoian, Bailey Strasser, Addie Stromberg, James Sturm, Ingrid Sulistyo, Eden Tefera, Robert Thai, Abigail Tietjen, Andrew Vaillant, Annika Veum, Julie Wagner, Carlyn Ward, Devin Wesenberg, John Woehler, Margaret Wohlhuter, Zi Hern Wong and Yu Yang.

Rosemount High School – Katherine Aalto, Sahil Adige, Francis Ryan Avenido, Sidique Bachelani, Samantha Back, Lauren Bangh, Malyn Banitt-Moore, Anshul Bharath, Hannah Borgstahl, Hannah Brockman, Bria Burke, Kristen Burns, Jonathan Carman, Jacia Christiansen, Mark Christianson, Duy Dang, Samuel Defries, Zachary Dennis, Sophia DePaulis, Travis Du Chene, Wyatt Ebner, Ethan Engdahl, Jacob Engel, Lara Erdmann, Natalie Fendrich, Rebecca Francois, Garrett Frey, Emma Gale, Christopher Giere, Aidan Goblirsch, Jonathan Haage, Samuel Haisting, Theresa Hausmann, Jane Hayes, Joshua Heimer, Stephanie Henkemeyer, Andrea Hernandez Delgado, Natalia Hiza, Andrea Holtz, Ames Huddle, Emily Huntley, Delia Johnson, Brady Jones, Anna King, Alek Koskela, Sydney Kuran, Johnathan Lemoine, Cameron Loberg, Michael Lutterman, Russell Marotzke, Alexandra Matek, Timothy McNamara, Maggie Moeller, Alexander Notch, Sarah O’Connell, Andrew Opstad, Emily Otteson, Marissa Owens, Eric Paget, Kaitlin Pierce, Victoria Pierce, Jamie Preator, Sanketh Premdas, Michelle Quan, Tessa Rossini, Theresa Rukavina, Bridget Russell, John Samuelson, Aquila Schachel, Molly Schaubroeck, Marissa Schladweiler, Rachel Schorn, Adam Shew, Abigail Sisson, Erin Smith, Nolan Smith, Lauren Spindler, Michael Stefanko, Kaitlynn Steller, Thane Storley, Anoushka Sunkum, Varsha Tallapaka, Logan Timbers, Artur Un, Joshua Van Sant, Nicole Van Handel, Jenna Vickery, Anthony Voto, Mason Walls, Jack Wiessenberger, Heather Wilharm, Deanna Wuellner and Paige Zemke.

School of Environmental Studies – Annie Ashley, Erin Bucki, Jacob Buendorf, Alana Crawford, Samantha Durnin, Emily Edwards, Madilyn Frisk, Rebecca Ginzburg, Wynne Hetherington, Samantha Johnson, Ryan Kvas, Julia McLagan, Noah Mincheff, Alvin Pacheco Omana, Emily Pauly, Charlotte Read, Samantha Van Buren and Madeleine Westenberg.

District 194 MCA results
Lakeville Area Public Schools demonstrated good academic achievement with the percentage of students meeting or exceeding achievement targets in reading and math above state average, according to Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments results released Monday, Aug. 7. The Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments are the state tests that help districts measure student progress toward Minnesota’s academic standards and meet federal and state legislative requirements.

MCA highlights include:

• Lakeville North High School showed a notable increase in reading proficiency.

• Christina Huddleston Elementary School posted strong increases in both math and reading proficiency.

• Eastview Elementary School achieved a 91 percent proficiency rate in mathematics.

The district also identified several areas of focus for the 2017-18 school year, including improving scores overall and closing the achievement gap. Additionally, there are concerning downturns in several elementary schools’ math outcomes. Corrective action plans must be developed to address these areas.

District staff will come together Aug. 15 to analyze the data and begin the process of reviewing school improvement plans, setting goals and developing improvement strategies at the district’s annual data retreat.

The district’s 2017 MCA summary can be found at

Members sought for District 194 Teaching and Learning Advisory Council
Lakeville Area Public Schools is seeking members to join its Teaching and Learning Advisory Council for the 2017-18 school year.

The Teaching and Learning Advisory Council reviews curriculum and assessment matters throughout the year. It meets once a month from 4-5:30 p.m. on a Monday. Membership consists of parents from each school as well as teachers, administrators, School Board members and community members.

Currently, the council is in need of parents from the following schools: Cherry View and Lakeview elementary schools, Kenwood Trail Middle School, Lakeville North and South high schools.

Lakeville Area Public Schools also has several positions for committee members from the community.

Interested persons may complete an application form on the district’s website,, to be considered for committee membership.

Applications will be accepted through Oct. 30. For questions, contact Sandy Eissinger at 952-232-2018.

Emergency response training set Aug. 17
Lakeville Area Public Schools and the Lakeville Police Department will hold a training session for new staff members that covers school staff response to a hostile event.

The two organizations have partnered over the last several years to develop training and build skills to prepare school staff for a best practices response to a critical incident.

The training will take place 1:30-3:30 p.m. Aug. 17 at the Lakeville South High School auditorium, 21135 Jacquard Ave., Lakeville. It will be held in conjunction with new teacher orientation for the 2017-18 school year. The training is voluntary for staff members who began working for the district before the upcoming school year.

During the training, the public should expect to see police presence at Lakeville South High School. Visitors to the building will see police yellow tape indicating the drill is in progress. Those inside the building during the live scenario may hear the sound of a shotgun and handgun firing blanks.

Launching into learning
McGuire Middle School students taking part in Launch into Learning paddle away from the dock with nonprofit Wilderness Inquiry staff at Casperson Park on July 25 during one of their field trips aimed at broadening students’ experiences through nature. In 2016-17, Lakeville Area Public Schools revised its summer school program to better meet students’ academic and social-emotional learning needs, and the courses teach reading, math and other academic concepts through themes including nature, life-long sports and arts. The third of the three-week sessions began Aug. 8. The 2017-18 school year begins Sept. 5. Photo submitted.

District 194 School Board
Following is the agenda for the 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 15, special meeting of the District 194 School Board at Lakeville City Hall.

1. Preliminary Actions
a. Call to Order
b. Pledge of Allegiance
2. Discussions
a. Solar Garden Recommendation – Ms. Guyette
b. FY19 LTFM Project Follow-Up – Ms. Guyette
c. MCA Results Review – Dr. Barron
3. Future Topics for Consideration
4. Adjournment

DCTC’s welcome celebration slated Aug. 26-30
Dakota County Technical College is holding a Welcome/Welcome Back celebration Aug. 26-30 for community members, students and alumni.

Activities begin with the third annual Blue Knights Golf Outing and Fundraiser on Saturday, Aug. 26, at Bellwood Oaks Golf Course in Hastings. Entry fee includes golfing, golf cart, driving range, lunch and dinner. Lunch and range at noon; shotgun start at 1 p.m.; silent auction, raffle and dinner that evening. All proceeds benefit DCTC athletics programs. Register by Aug. 25.

Monday, Aug. 28, features a 24-hour social media contest. Post a photo of yourself wearing DCTC gear or colors and be entered to win a $100 Target gift card. Don’t forget to tag DCTC.

At 7 p.m. that same day, DCTC Blue Knights volleyball squares off against the North Dakota State College of Science Wildcats in the Activities building gym on the Inver Grove Heights campus of Inver Hills Community College and includes a halftime serve contest and prizes for alumni.

Tuesday, Aug. 29, brings outdoor games to the Student Life Patio from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Food trucks will be on hand from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. At 8:30 p.m., students and alumni, along with one guest, are invited to a free movie at Marcus Rosemount Cinema. Seating is first come, first seated.

Party on the Patio takes place Wednesday, Aug. 30, with live music by Headdy Gravvy, 1-2:20 p.m. The event is sponsored by the DCTC Campus Lions Club and will be held on the Student Life Patio. The Student Life Fair will be noon to 2 p.m.

DCTC women’s soccer plays Century College at the Ames Soccer Complex on the DCTC Rosemount campus 4 p.m. Aug. 30. Children can win prizes in a chalk art contest at 6 p.m.; the contest is open to kids ages 5-12 and will be judged by faculty and students from the DCTC Graphic Design Technology program.

Men’s soccer takes on the St. Olaf JV at the Ames Soccer Complex 7 p.m. Aug. 30. The game includes halftime entertainment, concessions and root beer from the DCTC Brewing & Beer Steward Technology program.

Alumni get in free to all Blue Knights games during Welcome/Welcome Back Week if they are registered with the Alumni Association; registration is available at the game or ahead of time at