Craig understands health care challenges

To the editor:

Conversation on the U.S. Senate’s rejection of a repeal of the Affordable Care Act without an adequate replacement drew some strong views over the week after the Senate’s vote July 28.

Angie Craig, who came within 1.8 percent of winning Minnesota’s 2nd Congressional District seat in 2016, has long spoken for expansion of coverage to uninsured individuals and families. In fact, that’s what opponents ran against her on last year. She advocated fixing rather than repealing current health care law and focusing on making health care itself cost less for everyone. That can happen by increasing the pool and widening coverage.

Experience and experiences matter. Angie spent 20 years working in health care and well understands challenges in the current system. She has talked openly about growing up without health insurance at times in her family. Craig has long expressed her opinion in posts on Facebook and elsewhere that we need to care for more of the families and individuals still uninsured, and that health care should be a human right in America.

On that point, in conversations with voters over the past month she has reiterated her long-expressed support for universal health care. I agree with her idea that investing in public health contributes to the health of all our citizens, regardless of income or assets. Her posts have long indicated her support for having a single payer providing coverage to drive down costs, particularly when that can be done with less risk and cost to citizens.

If the past few months of leadership in Washington has shown us anything, experience matters. And I believe Angie Craig is ready to take her experience and put it to work on behalf of Minnesota families.

Paul Hoffinger