Prize winner named in medallion hunt Part 1

Winner is Croix Westbrock of Rosemount

After the first Leprechaun’s Lost Medallion Hunt ended in natural disaster during Rosemount Leprechaun Days with the medallion likely being whisked away by a rain storm, the newspaper conducted a contest asking people to describe where they think the medallion was hidden based on the four clues that were released Monday, July 24, through Thursday, July 27.

From the batch of responses the newspaper received, several of them described the area where the medallion was hidden, but none of them were spot on.

The names of the people who were the warmest to the location were placed in a hat, and Croix Westbrock, of Rosemount, was declared the winner of four tickets to the Minnesota Zoo.

Nearly all of the guesses were for a location in Erickson Park — the son of a famous Viking, Eric — along the road to Rio (Brazil Avenue). The medallion was hidden in the grass next to a strip of white rock to the side of the dirt road that runs toward a mound at the bottom of the hill.

The clue “dirt, rock, grass” described that location “between to game venues” the baseball field and the tennis courts.

There were several references to tennis and baseball among the clues along with the medallion being toward a “loud noise,” racket (or racquet), “bearer,” the person holding it.

Information about the prize offer was posted with Clue No. 1 of Part 2 of the medallion hunt.