Lewis is willing to listen

To the editor:

In Mark Frascone’s last letter to the editor, he seems to see a contradiction, because letter writer Richard Iffert stated a few people acted rudely to U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis at the parade, but Meyer stated that Lewis enjoyed talking with many people and his team had to keep pulling him away because the parade was moving on. From this, Frascone somehow finds a contradiction and twisted this into a conclusion that Republicans don’t listen to opposing views.

I believe Mr. Frascone is just angry because he has been unable to provoke Lewis into an outburst so he can record it and use it against him in order to support his DFL candidate who plans to run against Lewis.

It’s interesting that Frascone accuses Meyer of “digging into his personal life” because he described him as a DFL activist; but, Frascone brings up Meyer’s previous run for Eagan City Council (which has nothing to do with the events at the parade) and then personally attacks him warning others not to vote for people like him.

Frascone also wrote that Meyer states things about him and his involvement in politics that are just not true and accuses him of employing alternate facts. However, no one need do any “digging” to know that Frascone is the founder of the Burnsville Indivisible resistance group. If that doesn’t make you a DFL activist, what would? It appears to me that Frascone is the one employing alternate facts.

Frascone has stated on YouTube that he writes and calls Lewis’ office daily and organizes protests at his office. This is plain and simple harassment. Lewis is always willing to listen to constituents who want to discuss things civilly, regardless of political party. I also attended the parade, and saw a woman walk up to Lewis, and tell him that she was one of his constituents. She expressed her concern, and he politely responded to it, even though he knew she was a Democrat, proving that Lewis does respond to his constituent’s concerns.

Arlene Sheldon