The best part of my day

To the editor:

Last week’s newspaper cover of “Imagine” was well timed, well said, much needed and most of all well done!

A free press is not only guaranteed in our Constitution, it is a hallmark of a democratic republic — our Republic. The newspaper is the finest form of reporting to subscribers and citizens the current news of our time. Reporting is held at a higher standard for fact checking, and solid journalism. The feel of a paper in your hands, physically turning pages and reading the news rather than watching the news is for me one of the highlights of my day. In newsprint one can find not only bad news, but also news that can help improve quality of life through community calendars, tips and tricks for healthy living and games.

Thank you again for being my local paper who brings me the news in 140 characters or more. You made my day with the cover!

Judy Santiago