Thanks to mayor for action on mall

To the editor:

I read in the Aug. 25 Sun Thisweek newspaper that a consultant regarding our Burnsville Center will be having a discussion on Sept. 11 with a selected group of interested people in trying to begin a good survival exploration for our mall. That is fantastic!

The mayor’s ability to get funding for this effort was also fantastic. We are fortunate to have such a person as Mayor Elizabeth Kautz leading our community because of her sincere heart for the entire south metro area’s success. She is not a smoke and mirrors person but one who says, “Let’s get it done,” beginning with herself.

With that said, it is imperative for the community to help our mall survive. Can you imagine the south metro area without the mall? I can, but I don’t like the look. However, I do like the look of a vibrant mall and the benefits it offers to its residents, other businesses and to the tax base it contributes to, as well as the future benefits it can provide for new developments. We all win. The possible help that the community can offer is defining what our community is missing that makes us drive outside our areas. We can offer suggestions to the committee and consultant. As this process materializes, our suggestions will be of benefit for a positive outcome. Without suggestions from south metro-area residents, it could fail because, the “New Mall” that is envisioned may miss the bull’s-eye of our needs. Can we, as residents, rise to a great cause and help make a difference? You bet.

Our mayor has quoted a saying spoken in the past and exemplified by the starfish pin she wears on her lapel, which signifies that each of us can make a difference in the outlook of an impossible endeavor.


The writer is owner of Burnsville Toyota.