The Jason Lewis record

To the editor:

Remember when U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis campaigned to be an “independent voice” in Congress for the people in the 2nd District which includes Eagan and Burnsville? Well he’s sure not acting and voting that way.

Lewis, a former right-wing radio host, was elected with only 47 percent of the votes and doesn’t even live in the congressional district he represents. Lewis has avoided any public appearances and meetings with constituents except for private fundraisers and highly scripted photo-ops. He hides behind sham telephone town hall meetings where the agenda and commentators are highly controlled. He voted for the wildly unpopular Trump-care bill which would kick over 20 million Americans off of health insurance, destroying families and lives. He denies the science of climate change. And to top it off, he refuses to condemn President Trump’s assertion that some of the Nazis who marched in Charlotte were “very fine people.”

Lewis has put party over country, and party over the people who he “represents.” As for his “independent voice,” he has voted with the Republicans in Congress 97 percent of the time. Next fall let’s be sure to remember the promises made and not kept when we replace Lewis with someone who will honestly represent the majority of our citizens.

Jim Johnson