Lakeville chiropractor at 2017 World Games

Dr. Craig Couillard, a Lakeville Sports Chiropractor, was chosen to join the elite sports Chiropractic team at the 2017 World Games.

The World Games, an Olympic-style sporting event featuring 4,500 athletes representing more than 100 countries and competing in 30 different sports, was held in Wroclaw, Poland July 20-30.

Held every four years, the World Games is an international competition showcasing non-Olympic popular sports such as roller hockey, kickboxing, sumo-wrestling, lacrosse, handball, squash, fistball, floorball, trampoline gymnastics and sport climbing.

Sport climbing has been recently added to the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games.

Couillard was one of 30 chiropractors chosen by the International Federation of Sports Chiropractors to attend this special event and offer his unique services.

“This is a tremendous honor, to travel across the ocean for an event of this caliber and to work with world class athletes in sports that are not as common in the United States,” Couillard said.

Couillard specifically worked with the following sports: sumo wrestling, kickboxing, beach handball, tug-of-war and trampoline gymnastics.

He said the athletes showcased amazing speed, power, agility and strategy of their respective sport and injuries were common “from head to toe” that required specific chiropractic and soft tissue care to return the athlete back to competition.

Couillard is no stranger to treating elite athletes.

He was chosen for this similar team, two years ago for the World Sports Games in Lignano, Italy.

Couillard is the team Sports Chiropractor for the St. Paul Saints and also the Hamline University Athletic Training room.

He has also worked with numerous Olympic teams, including USA Swimming and Gymnastics and has spent time at the Olympic training centers in Chula Vista, California and Colorado Springs, Colorado.