Experience counts

To the editor:

Recent editorial pages of this paper feature discussion of important issues:

People claim it’s free speech to honor Confederate statues. The right to express oneself is basic in our society. We can say what we will, as long as it doesn’t harm another. The Golden Rule is unassailable.

A free press in a time of consolidation of facilities tests the limit of journalistic integrity. Are businesses lost just because we pay a decent wage and have good working conditions?

(On the latter point, I agree there is no need to shout “fire” in a print-media theater.)

Those who read this paper often hear the phrase “experience counts.” Sometimes there can be attributes greater. I believe it’s the human side, the softer side, or the side that emulates a mother bear fighting to protect her cubs. Although 2nd District candidate Angie Craig saw fiscal challenges in her family, she went to school and studied hard like her mom. She worked her way through college, facing a load of debt like our kids today.

She combines the care for people we expect from a public servant, no matter the consequences. She’s even willing to listen — and hear — other points of view. She doorknocks and speaks at public meetings. She answers her phone even if a great TV show is on. She has teenagers willing to show her how to use the latest apps for social media.

She’s willing to fight for alternative energy use in the face of reluctance to fund obscure energy initiatives. I think those are reasons responsible citizens want from a 2nd District candidate for Congress.

Nancy Hall