Get involved

To the editor:

I received responses from Arlene Sheldon and Kyle Christensen to my recent letter to the editor, and I would like to reply to them. Rather than refute each incorrect notion in those letters, I will say that at no point in either of them is there an effort to make anything clearer than their collective contempt for nonviolent progressive activism. Take for instance the words these writers used: imaginary, fantasized, contradiction, provoke into an outburst, irony, harassment. They are the kind of words used by authoritarian regimes to gaslight issues and turn blame from themselves onto others. This is precisely my reason for writing the first letter that spawned three off-topic replies. It is really this simple, these Republicans are trying blame us for the unpleasantness they are projecting onto us.

Another thing that needs clearing up is that I am in fact the founder of the Facebook and resistance group called the Indivisible Resistance of Eagan Burnsville, or IReb. Our group first formed in February, we foster meaningful discussions with our members of Congress to effect positive change. Our membership now nearly 400, consists of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents. I first became active in politics last year because of my interest in the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Am I an activist? Yes, I never said I wasn’t. Am I a longtime party activist like the writers which have responded to me? No. Dave Meyer lost two runs for Eagan City Council campaigning as an unabashed Republican in a non-partisan race. Sheldon and Christensen both currently hold multiple positions inside of the state GOP party and have for many years.

I stood up last year and got active because of the ideas of a candidate. I have stayed active because of my deep concern over the rising specter of white nationalism and tepid response from this president and our congressman. These are days that are proving to be the most trying of our history, an engaged and civically active populace may be our only chance, I intend to be one of them.

Mark Frascone