Child-care center opens in downtown Lakeville

Located in former community education building

Jen Orth remembers the tone of desperation in parents’ voices as they searched for day care but could find no openings.Jen Orth remembers the tone of desperation in parents’ voices as they searched for day care but could find no openings.

“There’s such a demand for child care,” said Orth who operated a home day care for seven years and daily would receive multiple calls from parents seeking affordable day-care options, but finding few answers.
Often Orth and fellow day-care mom Tricia DeMarais were turning away parents, so they started investigating other options to help more families with their day-care needs.


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Jen Orth and Tricia McMarais have opened Hypointe Childcare in the former District 194 education building in downtown Lakeville.

The friends and colleagues found their answer in August when they opened Hypointe Childcare in the former District 194 Community Education building in downtown Lakeville.

Licensed for 107 children ages 6 weeks to 12 years old, the duo have a passion for taking care of children and helping families.

“We just got tired of saying no to people,” Orth said. “Especially for those first-time moms that it’s supposed to be an exciting time in their life and they are literally calling 150 different in-home providers trying to find somewhere and they can’t.”

Their day-care center is open 12.5 hours daily, starting at 6:30 a.m. and is more affordable for families, with the cost of infants hundreds less than other similar child-care centers.

Costs are based on individual needs and the child’s age, but Orth said a full-time infant costs $295 per week and the center charges less for older children.

They also work with special needs children, and conference with families to meet, share information about the center and determine what would be the best option for them.

“We do conferences with all families before they enroll,” Orth said. “One of the biggest things in child care is it’s a very personal choice and it has to work well for each individual family. We always say you need to take time to think about it and if this is the right fit for your family. For us to be successful, it has to be the right fit for their family.”

They also offer part-time and flexible schedules to provide help for families without traditional 9 to 5 jobs, including those in the medical field or people who only need care a few days during the week.

“We offer all sorts of schedules, just depending on what people need and based on what we’d obviously need to make sure we’re in ratio with kids and staffing,” Orth said.

Hypointe Childcare also offers before- and after-school programs, so when there is an early release day or no school, they have options for parents.

They also offer to take students attending Lake Marion Elementary or JFK Elementary to and from the bus stop near the child-care center.

The center includes an outdoor playground for the children and a large muscle room for indoor games that include a tunnel or parachute games.

Preschoolers have science and math areas and are also exposed to art and music.

Breakfast, lunch and two snacks daily are provided in the cost of tuition.

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