Weisensel, Freske win seats on Rosemount City Council

Political newcomer Heidi Freske and incumbent Jeff Weisensel won the two seats open on the Rosemount City Council after Election Day on Tuesday.

Freske narrowly won the seat by placing in second over incumbent Vanessa Demuth, elected first in 2012, by 90 votes.

Weisensel outdistanced Freske by more than five percentage points in the four-way race.

Freske, a technology division manager at BI WORLDWIDE, touted herself as the right candidate because she would bring “a fresh perspective and a new voice that represents families with young children.”

Freske grew up in Rosemount and graduated from Rosemount High School.

She said her goal is “to ensure the rich traditions of Rosemount continue, while ensuring we are on the right track for the future. We need to make sure our children have a community they can be proud to call their hometown. My leadership skills, collaborative approach and new energy will be an asset to the city.”

Weisensel, a construction project manager, was elected to his third term on the council.

In his years on the council, he has been known as a fiscal watchdog, asking staff to keep the budget in line without having to pass along a major tax levy increase.

“Getting more ‘bang for our buck’ rings as true today as it did eight years ago when some friends and neighbors asked me to first run,” Weisensel said.

He said during the campaign that a strategy to increase the number of commercial and retail buildings is essential to broaden the tax base, increasing its revenue percentage.

Voters were allowed to vote for two candidates.

The results:

Council Member (Rosemount) (Elect 2)     Results By Precinct
7 precincts in contest. 7 of 7 precincts reported in municipality.
Party Candidate Totals Pct Graph
Nonpartisan  Vanessa Demuth 4534 24.30%
Nonpartisan  Jeff Weisensel 5576 29.89%
Nonpartisan  Heidi Freske 4624 24.78%
Nonpartisan  Brenda Rivera 3755 20.13%
WRITE-IN**  WRITE-IN** 168 0.90%