Alleged gunman charged with murder after Burnsville shooting

nelson conradeWoman charged with aiding an offender

The alleged gunman in the fatal shooting at Nina’s Grill in Burnsville Sept. 22 was charged Thursday with second-degree murder.

Anthony Lee Nelson, aka Shavelle Oscar Chavez-Nelson, of Rosemount, is accused of killing 23-year-old Palagor Obang Jobi outside the bar at closing time. Jobi, of Savage, suffered eight gunshot wounds, according to the criminal complaint.

Nelson drove away from the northeast Burnsville bar with a woman he said was his girlfriend and with 21-year-old Anarae Schunk, the first woman told police.

She said the three eventually returned to her  home in Rosemount. Schunk, a 2010 Burnsville High School graduate and University of Minnesota student who had arranged to meet Nelson Sept. 22, was reported missing the following day.

The first woman, 24-year-old Ashley Marie Conrade, was charged Thursday with aiding an offender for allegedly helping him avoid arrest.

Jobi was at Nina’s with two cousins, one of whom gave police this account of the shooting:

After leaving the bar at about 1:45 a.m., Jobi began talking to a woman later identified as Conrade. A man later identified as Nelson told him to stop talking to Conrade, whom he said was his girlfriend.

The cousin defused the situation and Nelson walked about 20 feet away but continued to look back at Jobi and direct comments at him.  Jobi eventually punched Nelson, and both men stumbled to the driver’s side of a parked vehicle.

“It was quiet for a moment, and then (the cousin) heard gunshots,” the complaint said. He dropped to the ground on the passenger side of the same vehicle.

The man then got up, ran around the vehicle, jumped on Nelson and put him in a chokehold. Nelson began to turn the black and grey handgun toward him, so he “slapped the gun away and another shot was fired.” Nelson than grabbed the gun and ran from the scene.

The vehicle’s owner, a female bar patron, gave police this account:

A  man later identified as Nelson approached her table and made lewd comments to her. He was joined by a woman later identified as Schunk, and made lewd comments about her, too.

As the woman was leaving the bar, she saw some men arguing and then saw Nelson pull out a gun. She got into her car and locked the door. Nelson, standing in front of the car on the driver’s side headlight, began shooting toward or over her car in the direction of the bar. Jobi ran around the car, which the woman said was rocking “as if the two men were physically fighting” over it. After ducking down and then looking up to see whether the shooting was over, the woman “saw four or five flashes of gunshots and saw the victim go down.”

A waitress at Nina’s who knows Nelson as “Cali” gave police a similar description of events. She said Nelson called her on her cell phone at about 2:45 a.m. and “asked if everything was okay at Nina’s.”

Both the cousin and the car owner identified Nelson as the shooter in a photo lineup.

Police went looking for him Sept. 24 at Conrade’s residence in Rosemount. As officers set up a perimeter around the house, Nelson was seen driving a Ford Fusion out of the townhouse complex. When police attempted a traffic stop, Nelson fled on foot into a quarry, where he eventually surrendered.

Nearby police found a handgun fitting the description of the gun Jobi’s cousin slapped away from him, the complaint said.

Questioned by police, Conrade said she didn’t witness the shooting “but knew that Nelson had done it.”

Conrade said she, Nelson and Schunk left Nina’s in her vehicle, which the complaint said is the Fusion and is registered to her.

Nelson, who was driving, drove around the block and parked in a cul-de-sac where he could watch the bar’s parking lot. Upon seeing police arrive, he swore and pounded the steering wheel, Conrade told police.

“Nelson then stated, ‘F— it!’ and drove away from the area,” the complaint said, describing Conrade’s version of events. “The three went to Conrade’s home where Nelson stayed until his arrest.”

Nelson made his first court appearance Sept. 26 and was held on $2 million bail ($1.5 million with conditions).

Dakota County Attorney James Backstrom said he’ll bring the case to a grand jury for consideration of additional charges.

Conrade made her first court appearance Sept. 26 and was held on $250,000 bail ($150,000 with conditions).

Burnsville police said Sept. 25 that a private citizen is offering a $5,000 reward for information on Anarae Schunk’s whereabouts.