Lakeville businessman announces run for Holberg’s House seat

Jon Koznick
Jon Koznick

Jon Koznick has long history of Republican Party involvement

Minnesota State Rep. Mary Liz Holberg’s long-time campaign chair has announced he will seek Republican Party endorsement for the House seat Holberg held for 16 years.

Holberg announced last week she will not seek re-election.

Jon Koznick, of Lakeville, an active party member who also managed State Sen. Dave Thompson’s successful 2012 re-election campaign, said he shares many of Holberg’s views, but brings a fresh perspective.

“Mary Liz represented Lakeville well,” he said. “I think I represent the next phase of Lakeville’s growth.”

Describing himself in a news release as the “typical dance dad,” Koznick advocated for reducing government’s involvement in families’s lives.

“Every day, we go about Lakeville and the state in pursuit of our own liberty and happiness,” he said. “However, the problem continues to be a government that gets in the way.”

A mortgage lender with Provincial Bank, he cited concerns about increasing taxes and excessive regulations families face at school, work, in the doctor’s office and in homes.

Koznick, 41, called for reducing government’s involvement in the everyday lives of citizens.

“People and deserve and want a government that focuses on core tasks and does them well,” he said.

In an interview, Koznick advocated for reducing government taxes and regulations, which he said would allow businesses more ability to create jobs and help improve the economy.

He sounded concerns about government’s growing involvement in health care and cited growing concern over loss of private, personal information.

“Privacy and data of individuals can be real scary when it’s in a big government bureaucracy’s hands and we don’t know when or how they’re going to use that data,” Koznick said.

A parent of two, Koznick  was also critical of the state’s continued borrowing of school funding, which he said keeps schools grappling with perpetual financial struggles.

“We can’t keep borrowing from schools,” he said. “We need to stabilize funding for schools. We need to work on the formula so schools can have more consistent funding instead of struggling all the time.”

Koznick also advocated for more attention to transportation safety and the condition of the state’s roads and bridges.

“We need a better freeway system in the state and in Lakeville,” he said.

Koznick said Holberg has served Lakeville well, and he has been considering running for her seat since she announced her intention to retire at the caucuses about two weeks ago.

He said many people have urged him to run for the office; his campaign manager is Laura Beem of Farmington.

Lisa Vossen, owner of the Pink Door Boutique in downtown Lakeville, is listed as a campaign supporter of Koznick’s in a news release.

Vossen said Koznick has a passion for the city and a “solid track record of support and involvement” in the community.

Koznick and his wife, Patty, moved to Lakeville from Eagan in 2001 and have two daughters, ages 8 and 5.

He owned a mortgage company in downtown Lakeville for a decade before joining Provincial Bank about three years ago and is involved in numerous Lakeville organizations.

Koznick is an active member of the Lakeville Chamber of Commerce, serves on the Downtown Lakeville Business Association advisory board, past Rotary member and is a 2005 “Leadership Lakeville” graduate.

“His marketing and business background, along with his political involvement, prove he has the skills needed to run an effective campaign and do a great job representing Lakeville,” Vossen said.

Koznick said he is looking forward to meeting more people in the community and working on his campaign and vowed to abide by the Republican Party endorsement decision.

“I have always had an appreciation for the democratic process, representative government,” said Koznick, who was adopted from Columbia when he was 5 years old. “I like being involved in our community and getting involved in things that affect us and are around us. I was always thinking in the back of my mind it’s a blessing to live in this country.”

  • Zakn

    Koz is a good man, and a better father. He’s a fine leader and Lakeville would be well served by sending him to St. Paul.